Craftsman 9.6V Battery Charger
I broke my own rule and paid $1 for this 9V charger, which sold for $25. Photo Credit: Justen Rhyle

Shadow of a man sitting in window overlooking lake with text reading article title and author name.
Creeping Normality. Photography Credit: Noah Silliman
  1. Oblivious to the incremental changes, you boil to death smiling, as the frog did in the popular children’s fable.
  2. You eventually notice the water is damagingly hot, and suddenly, calamitously leap from surface…

Exoskeletons. Image Credit: CrayX, BackX, Laevo. Images reproduced with permission.

Photo of George Orwell with superimposed elephant photo and text reading title of article
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons; SnappyGoat

Man staring at icicles during winter, text overlaying reading trapped in a pandemic with hypochondria
Image credit: Hannah Everage

Justen Rhyle Everage

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